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Premier Irrigation Adritec
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Unit-Butibori, near Nagpur, Maharashtra, India,

Covered area 5500 sq m
HDPE pipe extrusion upto 250mm OD
LLDPE tubing extrusion
LLDPE inline emitter tubing, cylindrical and flat emitter
Injection moulding of HDPE couplers and fittings in seven different ranges, 63 to 160mm diass
Injection moulding of PP and LDPE fittings
Injection moulding of emitters
Injection moulding of engineering polymers
Semi-automatic welding of HDPE couplers to pipes
Semi-automatic fabrication of HDPE fittings
Pressure testing of complete pipes

Quality Assurance
The units have QA staff and laboratory/testing equipment under a QA manager reporting independently of production management. Registered QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ISO 9001:2008, from BSI - British Standards Institution.