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PREMIER Piping Production
HDPE Pipes – SEHDPE™ System

Premier Souldered End Groove Clamp Coupled

Fast and simple to install
Foolproof jointing
Corrosion proof
Wide range of pressure ratings
Resistant to shock
Exceptional durability
Lowest lifetime cost

Widely used in developed countries for potable water supply, gas distribution, irrigation, mining and industrial

Removing The Hazards Of In-Field Butt Welding

The PREMIER approach is the application of logic - rather than trying to provide ideal welding conditions in the field the process is reversed and pipes are welded under ideal conditions in the factory, tested, then taken to the field. Field butt welding is always a troublesome business requiring close supervision, protection from the elements, a generating set and has low productivity. If there is a failure during testing, the repair and rewelding are particularly complicated.

Fittings- The Basic range

Information current at date of publication. The range is constantly being expanded.

Couplers SEHDPE™ system Standards: Pipes manufactured per
IS 4984:1995 grades PE63, PE80 and PE100
IS 14151(Part 1):1994
Pipes to other standards can be manufactured subject to enquiry.

Diameter range SEHDPE™ system:

75, 90, 110, 125, 140, 160, 180 mm

Lengths SEHDPET system:
3m and 6m as standard, other lengths available subject to enquiry.

Pressure Ratings SEHDPE™ System Maximum Operating Pressure
IS 4984:1995 Pressure Rating Working Pressure Pressure 90 to 180mm dia 90 to 180 dia 75mm dia only
    bar Mpa bar Mpa bar


  PN2.5 2.5 0.25 5.7 0.57 5.7 0.57
  PN 4.0


0.40 8.5 0.85 8.5 0.85
  PN 6.0 6.0 0.60 13.4 17.0 8.5 0.85
  PN10.0 10.0 1.00 17.0 1.70    
IS 14151(Part 1):1994 Class            
  1 2.5 0.25 4.9 0.49 4.9 0.49
  2 3.2 0.32 6.1 0.61 6.1 0.61
  3 4.0 0.40 7.5 0.75 7.5 0.75
  4 6.0 0.60 11.3 1.13 8.5 0.85

Couplers SEHDPE™ system (all sizes except 75mm):

Housing, close grained grey cast iron protected by red oxide undercoat and enamel paint finishing coat, orange colour. Nuts and bolts, steel with zinc plating and passivation. Sealing ring, natural rubber, per IS 5382. 75mm only: Housing PP polymer, nuts and bolts and sealing ring as above.

Fittings SEHDPET system:

Fabricated in HDPE. Dimensions available on request.

Note: Since our policy is one of continuous development, specifications may change therefore if a specific product or performance is required please confirm with us.