Varieties of Chillies:

  1. Long Pungent Varieties: Pusa jwala, Sankeshwari, NP-46-A, Np-51, Pant C-1, C-2, etc.
  2. Local Varieties: Lavangi, Walha, Degluri, Malkapuri, etc.
  3. Vegetable Varieties: Dharware (Bullnose), Yolo wonder, California wonder, Sweet paper, Arka mohini, Arka guarav, Bharat etc.
  4. Hybrid Varieties: Hyb. 5-1-52, Hyb. 17-1-1. These hybrid varieties are suitable for production of green chilies.


Growth period and water requirement :

Stage of Growth
Parameter Initial Stage Crop Development Mid-Season Late Season Growth Period
Duration Days 25-30 35 40 20 120
ETm ( mm ) 10% 30% 50% 10% 600-900
Kc 0.4 0.8-0.95 0.9-1.1 0.8-0.9 -

Drip System Recommendation From Premier Range:

Crop Spacing
Soil Type Product Selection Premier Range Lateral Spacing
Emitter Spacing
Emitter Discharge
Emitter per Plant
1.2 x 0.60 Clay Drip-InTM/In-Drip 1.20 0.50 2lph/4lph n/a
1.2 x 0.50 Loam Drip-InTM/In-Drip 1.20 0.40 2lph/4lph n/a
1.2 x 0.40 Sandy Drip-InTM/In-Drip 1.20 0.40 2lph/4lph n/a

Fertilizer Recommendation :

Chilly N-P-K dose kg/ha
Farmyard manure 9 to 10 tones/hectare of FYM or compost is applied at the time of field preparation
Fertilizer For Irrigated chilies, 100 kg N, 50kg P & 50 kg K is generally applied per hectare. Micronutrients as per soil analysis deficit.
Dosage Fertilizers are applied in four equal doses. First is applied at the time transplanting remaining doses are applied at 4th, 11th & 13th week after transplanting.


Kc = Crop co-efficient.
ETo = Reference evapo-transpiration (mm)
ETm = Maximum evapo-transpiration = Kc x ETo (mm)
ETa = Evapo-transpiration actual (mm)
Ya = Actual yield
Ym = Maximum yield


Note: The advice and descriptions given herein are for general information only. Premier Irrigation cannot be held responsible for its use or application.

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