PIAL is not just the preferred choice for farmers and horticulturists in countries across the world for world-class equipment, but also a name is known for its experience and expertise in landscape and sports field irrigation.

Whatever the type of landscaped area – lawn, garden, park, etc., and irrespective of the kind of sports field – be it for cricket, hockey, golf, football, tennis, or even race courses and stadiums – PIAL has offerings to meet all needs and every budget, with solutions that are as practical as they are economical.

Drawing on decades of experience, our end-to-end landscaping & sportsfield solutions are designed to match local requirements with a range that spans semi-automatic to fully- automatic systems, and from sprinklers, pop-up systems and drip to hydrants, piping, controllers, pumps & filtration, and more. Our irrigation designs take into account the water quality and labor available and are installed on-site by PIAL’s own team of trained professionals to ensure a proper, quality installation. We also provide warranty and after-sales service & support so that you can rest assured that your landscapes and sports fields look and perform like they were designed to.

Click below to view PIAL’s range of solutions & systems for landscape & sports field irrigation.

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