Over the course of decades, PIAL has become synonymous with the finest in irrigation equipment, not just for farms and plantations but also for sports fields and landscapes. To help customers get the most out of our products and equipment, PIAL offers a host of expert services through its Projects Division.

315mm high-pressure HDPE pipeline in hilly terrain

Secure jointing of fittings for high pressures

Be it corporate farms or large plantations, be it river lift-cum-community irrigation projects, or solar-powered irrigation projects, dust suppression, airports, or industrial townships, PIAL offers end-to-end services – from in-house survey to on-site installation services and support thereafter. 

PIAL has a qualified and experienced team of engineers to support customers, right from the initial feasibility study stage to survey, designing, installation and maintenance of small, medium and large projects.

Aerial view of inline drip system – strawberry farm

The layout of the inline drip system for strawberry

Apart from installations in large plantations across the hilly terrain of East, North East and Southern India (that require lifting and pumping of water to provide efficient irrigation), Premier Projects has to credit installation of irrigation systems in some of the country’s most popular sports stadiums, leading chains of 5-star hotels and over 6300 acres of river lift-cum-community irrigation projects.

Cricket stadium: Rural Development Trust (Ananthapuram, Andhra Pradesh)

PIAL also supports contracting and engineering firms in Design Optimisation using cutting-edge software tools and is currently executing an order for a river lift-cum-community irrigation system using the latest automated and solar-powered SCADA control system for water distribution management.

All of this makes PIAL the ideal partner for a truly end-to-end water management irrigation solution – because you get qualified and experienced personnel with specialization in project management, engineering (mechanical/structural/ civil), design and water management, multi-locational installation and service teams, and also a wide portfolio of world-class products and equipment with in-house manufacturing facilities, all from one place: PIAL.

Farmer awareness programme for community irrigation project

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