Varieties of Maize:

Three distinct groups i.e. Pish, Valencia and Virginia are popular varieties. A seed rate of 110 to 150 kg/ha is required. The spacing of the groundnut is 30 x10 cm or 30x15cm.

  1. Composite varieties: include Amber, Jawahar, Kissan, Vikaram, Protina, etc.
  2. Hybrid varieties: include Ganga hybrid-1, Ganga safed -2 Ganga3 Ganga4, Deccan hybrid
  3. A seed rate of 15-25 kg/ha is normally used. Planting density of 75000 plants/ha is essential to get high yields (spacing 60 x 22.5cm)


Growth period and water requirement :

Stage of Growth
Parameter Initial Stage Crop Development Mid-Season Late Season Growth Period
Duration Days 20 35 40 30 125
ETm (mm) 10% 30% 50% 10% 500-800
Kc 0.3-0.5 0.7-0.85 1.05-1.2 0.80-0.90 -

Sprinkler Irrigation recommendation from the Premier Range:

As the crop is a closely spaced crop, sprinkler irrigation is ideal for irrigating maize. The recommended models of sprinklers are M110ST & RAYNTM normally spaced at 12m x 12m or M150ST sprinklers spaced at 18m x 18m.
The sprinkler application rates should not exceed the safe intake rate of the soil to avoid run-off and wastage of water. Refer to the table below for basic intake rates of soils:

S No. Soil Type Good Soils with
High Organic Content
Poor Soils with
Low Organic Content
1. Coarse sand 20 - 25 mm/hr 12.5 mm/hr
2. Fine sand 12.5 - 20 mm/hr 9.00 mm/hr
3. Fine sandy loams 12.50 mm/hr 7.50 mm/h
4. Silt loams 10.00 mm/hr 6.85 mm/hr
5. Clay loams 7.50 mm/hr 6.35 mm/hr

Fertilizer Recommendation :

The fertilizer requirement for maize in kg/ha is as under:

S No. Variety N P K
1. Desi/Local 60 30 30
2. Hybrid/& composite 80 40 40


Kc = Crop co-efficient.
ETo = Reference evapo-transpiration (mm)
ETm = Maximum evapo-transpiration = Kc x ETo (mm)
ETa = Evapo-transpiration actual (mm)
Ya = Actual yield
Ym = Maximum yield


Note: The advice and descriptions given herein are for general information only. Premier Irrigation cannot be held responsible for its use or application

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